How To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Posted: July 13, 2018

Summer is the hottest of the seasons and it is probably the most loved one. It is such a great season, that many people wait until it is summer to enjoy their holidays. The warmness of the sun, the tropical drinks and the amazing activities, such as swimming, barbequing, biking and sunbathing, are some of the favourite summer activities people typically enjoy. However, you will only enjoy this season wholly if your house is completely ready for it. Here are some steps you can follow to prepare your home for summer. If you are thinking of preparing your home to sell this summer, there are a few other thinks you should consider as well, click here for more.


Clean the walkway and give your garden a checkup


Replace damaged bricks, fix any damaged pavers and clean the area of any dirt. Make sure to look for any damaged gardening tools, replace the gas in the lawn mower with fresh fuel to prevent issues running for the first time. Remember the grass needs special attention, ensure to fill in any bald patches with seed and apply weed-killing fertilizer right before it rains for better results. It is also important to clean up the flowerbeds, remove any weeds and renew it with new plants for the summer season. Apply fertilizer and an extra layer of soil if necessary.


Get that summer look


Another step to prepare your house for summer is to say goodbye to winter. Make room for the sunlight by cleaning the windows and getting rid of the winter accessories that you use to make your home cozier, such as darker curtains or draperies, dark print throw pillows, thick blankets, heaters, rugs and of course the fire logs. Replace anything that resembles the cold of winter with summer decor that is bright and airy that symbolize Fresh cut flowers in beautiful glass vases and light-colored curtains, throw pillows or rugs are some of the items you can use in the process.


Pay attention to your air conditioner


There is no doubt that summer is a wonderful time. However, this season will make you wish your air conditioning system is working at its best. Certify that your HVAC is functioning perfectly, replace any damaged or old air filters, clean off any debris and dirt from your exhausts and the main unit located outside. Call a professional air conditioner installation service if necessary.


Inspect the roof and the deck


Check the roof for any cracks or damaged shingles and replace the old ones if necessary. Examine the skylight, the pipes and the chimney, as they might need repairs also. Be sure to call a professional roofer for any major fixes. Inspect the deck, check for damage and give it a good cleaning using a deck-cleaning solution and a deck brush. If it is painted, you will most likely need to give it a new, fresh coat of paint.


Prepare your BBQ Grill


As summer approaches, you might need to ensure your grill is perfectly clean and ready for a good barbeque. Clean the grill using soap water, scrub it deeply and give it a good checkup. If your grill uses gas instead of coal, you must make sure to disconnect the gas before the cleaning process. After the grill is completely clean, heat it for about 10 minutes and then let it cool. Finish the process by wiping the grates with a thin layer of oil. These simple steps will certainly make you enjoy the hottest season with the best barbeque on the grill.

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